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Our flagship product : RestorFX

This permanent paint restoration system is composed of adhesive chemicals. It uses the latest technologies to completely restore damaged paints and varnishes to bring back original brilliance and luster. It’s permanent, efficient and reliable. It is the highest quality and most advanced auto paint restoration system on the market.

Automotive detailing shop packages

The Center offers a variety of attractive self-styling packages at competitive prices to provide a facelift for all types of vehicles.


Windshield treatment

Remarkably improves vision in the rain and promotes safer driving. This product also provides a sustainable economy of windshield wiper fluid while waterproofing from snow and ice to increase visibility. (MSRP in stores: $29.95)

motor shampoo

Engine bay shampoo

An engine bay shampoo not only makes a vehicle’s inside look brand new, but more importantly make it easier to see any fluid leaks to prevent corrosion or mechanical problems.

inside shampoo

Complete interior shampoo

Deep cleaning of the interior vault, vinyl areas, fabric seats and carpets to remove salt and calcium build-up. This interior auto shampoo also prevents the deterioration of fabrics, eliminates odors and restores original vehicle interior appearance. (made with turbine drying)


Protective paint sealant

Upon delivery to a proud customer, this significant step produces the most rewarding “WOW!” moment of the sales cycle. The process consists of an exterior washing of the car, followed by a paint decontamination using aluminum oxide-based clay paste followed by the application of the paint protection sealant with 5/16 oscillation.


4-step paint reconditioning

1 – Paint decontamination;
2 – Paint repairing by removing up to 80% of surface scratches as well as oxidation traces;
3 – Paint reconditioning and rehydration of original luster;
4 – Paint protection and facilitation of future maintenance.

Under body pressure cleaning

Under body pressure cleaning

Recommended by all automakers and dealerships at any season, this type of under body pressure cleaning provides protection against corrosion and structural deterioration.

leather reconditioning

Leather treatment

This moisturizing and softening leather treatment prevents deterioration fissures and enhances the natural scent of leather. Ideal to revive the appearance and texture of all leather interiors.

sealing for fabrics

Fabric sealer

This waterproofing treatment prevents absorption of liquids and greatly facilitates the cleaning of all fabric car seats.


Headlights reconditioning

Restores up to 90% of original shine and greatly improves visibility during night and winter driving.

The «Express Buff»

The Express Buff treatment consists of removing over 60% of the car’s surface scratches, without repainting the vehicle, to restore the original luster of the vehicle. It protects against weather exposure to allow increased durability.

Before and after treatments


Engine bay shampoo


Exterior moldings


Headlights reconditioning


Express mag wheel repair


Leather treatment

bumper corner

Paint scratch removal

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