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RestorFX delivers showroom-quality results without the high cost and delays of repainting.

A revolutionary technology

RestorFX, is the result of 15 years of technical development to reverse the signs of paint discoloration and damage. Restoration of paint finish to its original state is now achievable with RestorFX.


Not a temporary solution

As efficient as a new paint job.

The RestorFX difference

Ever since automobiles were invented, labor-intensive detailing has been the only effective method of restoring a faded paint to its original glittering luster. While traditional detailing methods remain, RestorFX is transforming the detailing eco-system with an advanced technology that delivers better quality finishes with much less time spent reconditioning. If you are in the market to repair, renew, or simply protect vehicle finishes without the labor-intensive costs of polishing deep scratches, look no further.


Detailed by Bonneville Speed Buffing

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Customer testimonials

We are dedicated to the quality of our work. When we perform a RestorFX treatment on your vehicle, we seek showroom-quality results. See what our customers say about the RestorFX.

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